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Our Mission

"To help every physician maximize his/her potential in the volatile healthcare marketplace by giving them the tools to thrive and not just survive."


OUR healthcare CONSULTANTS HAVE BEEN everywhere

Data Analysis and Medical Social Marketing
We  help you understand trends and ideas that are in your data to see  value in the information you have.

We assist you in developing a solid social marketing program that will maximize your exposure in an already crowded healthcare arena

Physician and Clinical Recruiting and Staffing

We provide a broad spectrum of resources to assist your organization in attracting new physicians to your facility.

Our professional staff has years of combined experience and includes a CPA's, CPC's Certified Practical Coders, and seasoned Healthcare Executives.  We have special expertise in billing, business development, human resource management and all aspects of healthcare delivery systems.


Physician Practice Management ServicesAssistance with all aspects of physician practice needs including, medical billing, human resource support, insurance contracting, coding and compliance as well as adherence to new and  existing legilations.

Concierge Medicine​

Providing a comprehensive approach to assisting physicians transition from a traditional style of practice to the "Concierge" model. Thus, decreasing patient volume and increasing monthly income.